Our goal is to make your piece of the internet the “Best it can be”.

We live and breathe Wordpress and it’s our platform of choice for any website requiring a content management system (CMS). We specialise in custom Wordpress theme development, plugin development & customisation, e-commerce integration and any custom requirement that we may have thrown at us and believe us we have had a few!

But we don’t just specialise in Wordpress, we can custom develop a PHP based solution from ground up if required.
We utilise HTML5, PHP and JQuery for all of our development work and have years of experience on all of the other major CMS and e-store platforms including Magento, Perch and Silverstripe to name a few.



The slightest inkling of an idea is more than enough for our design team to work from. Whether it’s a scribble on a scrap of paper or a full blown idea brewing away in your head we can bring it to life for you.
Get in touch and lets decipher the idea together.



We are specialist Wordpress developers with years of experience customising the fantastic platform. But we don’t stop there, we also specialise in all aspects of custom website development with experience using all of the major content management platforms and we utilise all of the latest web technologies.
Why Wordpress?



Once your web project is ready to be deployed onto the World Wide Web we can provide you with top notch website hosting specific to where the majority of your web traffic will be coming from. We offer shared hosting plans and custom VPS (Virtual Private Servers) at competitive prices.
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Designers and Agencies

We provide development services to a number of local and offshore design agencies. Whether you are a full blown agency in need of complete development services or a designer wanting to provide custom web solutions to your clients we are the team
for you!

  • We’ve worked on client projects with Michael and his team for a couple of years now and consistently I recommend them to my clients.  They are responsive, intuitive and go over and above to ensure client expectations are exceeded.  When I need something to happen that we can’t do in house, I’m 100% confident in reaching out to Digital Developments that the job will be done to their very high level.  Five star service!

    Justine Parsons
    Your VA
  • Michael Brennan is a digital development genius. he has created three major websites for our running events. With ease, he has handled everything from liaising with our graphic designers, custom Wordpress theme development, setting up test sites, designing the site architecture, informational layout and adding wordpress plugins for extra functionality. A job that I had feared would take months of sweat and toil was delivered in a few weeks and I was able to populate each site with content in little over day. Easy peasy. Despite not (yet) managing to convince him to run an ultramarathon – he’s a helluva good guy!

  • Michael and his team at Digital Developments are my go to guys for all things technical. New web builds, existing web tweaks, new initiatives, smoother processing. Whatever it might be, and however crazy my idea, Michael and team really get me, get my business and we are a team making the vision a reality. I trust him implicitly and love having DigiDev in my corner. They provide the technical magic that makes my business run so smoothly, and help me to help so many more people with their health and happiness. I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough

    Louise Thompson
    Louise Thompson